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Swordfish 3 in 1 Creative Trimmer


This 3-in-1 Creative Trimmer is ideal for all occasional paper-crafting – it’s compact, lightweight and easy to store, but when you’re ready to work – it’s ready to do a perfect job for you! It comes equipped with three individual cutting heads – one for straight cuts, one for wave cuts and the third for perforating. Changing from one to the other is quick and easy – simply revolve the turntable to the blade you need, and then slide it into the transparent guide rail. Changing blades isn’t just easy – it’s also completely safe because the sharp blades are never exposed. That makes it a perfect paper-cutting system for both adults and children alike. Each cutting head is clearly marked with a symbol indicating which blade is which, and the guide-rail is marked in both millimeters and inches.

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